Roy Blacks Guided Tours, best escape anyone can experience in Beautiful Monument Valley.

Roy Blacks Guided Tours, best escape anyone can experience in Beautiful Monument Valley.

Ya'at'eeh! (Greetings). From the RBGT team its time to experience the Old West from the ground John Wayne stepped on and many other Hollywood stars have visited and stayed to enjoy the beauty of the valley. To the many events that has been held here from marathons, mountain bike rides, and even hot air balloon rallies to the Red Bull Air Race. The rich history of the area the tranquil beauty of the monuments. the untouched sky tells a story as old as time. Being one with the universe and nature is what the Navajo culture and religion is about, following the stars so we don't get lost. Our father the sun shines brightly for life to flourish on mother earth which nurtures all life forms that has and will exist, mysteries that will never be unlocked that make the mind wonder how there can be so much beauty. Welcome to the 8th wonder of the world but to me its so awesome the ruggedness of the land, deep canyons that never seem to end, the high mesa's that scatter the land, hidden springs to replenish ones self. Anasazi dwellings that make us speculate on how they lived and thrived in the area, petroglyphs on rock walls for us to look and see if we can interpret what they were trying to tell us or say. We can't wait for you to experience the valley, the beautiful sunrise, the sensational sunset, the crisp air you could almost taste, thank you from the RBGT team.

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  • Roy Black

    Yes it is a very interesting and beautiful place. The different colors from the sunrise and sunset will make your experience very enjoyable. We always do very very best to have all of our customers enjoy every minute of the tour. If you never have rode a horse, we have horses that we provide for beginners, medium and experience riders, and also we have navajo guides that will teach you how to stop, go, and turn the horse. The most interesting thing about our horseback rides is that our stable is located inside the Monument Valley Tribal Park, near the restricted area, and so all of our horse tour routes are in the restricted area, where no one is allowed to take their own personal vehicle, guided tour only. we can show you a lot of arches, petro-cliff, picture graphs, and give many information on the history of the navajo, plants, animals and etc. Hopefully we will have you book with Roy Black’s guided tours.

  • Ciara Kennedy

    hey I just wanna say this sounds like a very interested place hopefully I can visit one day

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