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Please no loose clothing such as poncho's scarfs no loose hats must be firm or have a tie down.  Please no hiking boots, just regular cowboy boots  and for women designer boots are fine, just plain tennis shoes would be great the rigged bottoms of the hiking boots make it unsafe, Footwear needs to slip in an out of the stirrups easily so you don't get hung up. Please no backpacks reaching around unzipping can startle the horses, satchels are recommended but we do provide saddle bags. also no clothing that resemble the sound of a rattle snake the shik shik sound scares the horses it might not be your horse it spooks, but others with you so keep that in mind. Also remember to bring some eye protection we do go over the sand dunes your eye could get irritated from the sand on a windy day. Customers are required to sign waivers that they are participating at their own risk, before saddling up your horse, when riding be aware at all times no sleeping, before you take the trail there will be a short demonstration before you leave on tour to control the horses and techniques of western riding. Don't forget to bring water and a light snack for longer tours, due to situations from the past we recommend you not to take your car keys on the trail very soft sand you can leave your keys at the Just Okay Corral with our Wranglers.  On our Jeep tours we would recommend bandannas because it can get very dusty, no standing while Jeep is in motion please stay seated, if a photo opportunity happens to come up let your guide know and they will assist you .

       Any refund requests must be made 72 hours prior to the date of the scheduled tour; thereafter, the payment is no longer refundable. Seats on tours are never overbook; therefore, 72 hours notice must be provided so the vacant seat can be sold.  If you have any problems just give us a call or e:mail us.

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