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Select this option if you would like a private tour for your group or family. This means your group or family will not be combined with any other group, and you will be assigned a guide to focus on your group. This allows for longer stops at points of interest and more time for questions posed to your tour guide.

A private tour is only $20 per tour in addition to standard rates. Select a tour package and add the Private Tour Option today for a more intimate tour of Monument Valley. Movie crew tour is for productions of movies, shows or commercials to stand by while they produce. Such productions must obtain a special permit from the tribe to film a production crew and so on etc. (prices can be negotiated)

     A photography tour caters more to the photographer and where they want to shoot and for how long. Even if they are with a subject or subjects they are photographing in beautiful Monument Valley.(prices are negotiable)

    A publicity tour are for smaller productions such as local shows or news crew they still need a special permit to film from the tribe. (prices are negotiable)

    Bus tours are welcomed to our Outfit we have open air trucks that can haul customers comfortably down into the valley for the amount of time needed. Our guides will help inform your clients and help the bus tour guide with there tour group with whatever is appropriate, if you have any questions please give us a call or e:mail us.  (Prices are negotiable)

Please provide the date and time you would like your tour and any other special requests in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER box in your cart before checking out. Thank you.

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