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4-Hour Open-Air Vehicle Tour of Monument Valley

Experience Monument Valley from our open-air vehicle and see Navajo rug weaving in action!

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Open Air Vehicle Seat

Open-Air Vehicle Tour and Najavo Rug Weaving

You don’t want anything to come between you and some amazing Monument Valley views. So, experience the glorious Monument Valley in one of our open-air vehicles on a guided tour to some of the region’s most picturesque locations.

This tour takes you on a 17-mile loop through the desert backcountry in our open-air vehicle. The open design of the vehicle makes it easy to take great photographs of this amazing landscape as you travel along on the drive to some iconic Monument Valley locations.

You will see Thunderbird Mesa, the pillar rock of Totem Pole, Sleeping Dragon, Big Hogan, Moccasin Arch, Sun Eye Arch, Submarine Rock, Ear of the Wind, Hidden Arch and Echo Cave Ruins! All of these sites are can’t-miss locations that are teeming with history and intrigue. Snap a lot of photos and be sure to ask your guide about the valley’s history.

You’ll also get to visit a traditional Navajo hogan where a Navajo woman will demonstrate rug weaving and hair bun tying. We are sure you’ll find it very inspiring to see Native Americans still living in the old ways with a few modern-day touches! Join us and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and traditional Navajo culture.

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Please note that the minimum occupancy is two people and the maximum occupancy is four people.