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4-Hour Open-Air Vehicle Mystery Valley Tour

Join us on our open-air vehicle for a tour through the mesmerizing Mystery Valley.

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Open Air Vehicle Seat

Discover the Secrets of the Mystery Valley

Are you hoping to discover the mysteries and intrigue of the Mystery Valley? Step back…or drive back in time on our Mystery Valley Tour! Roy Black’s Guided Tours is happy to show guests around the natural beauty of the Mystery Valley, and help you uncover some of the mysteries that await you.

Your four-hour excursion includes a tour of the infamous Mystery Valley, the location of an ancient civilization left in ruins. This tour offers a unique opportunity to see the remains of an entire civilization, and feel like you stepped back in time to when the civilization was alive and thriving here in the Mystery Valley. The Anasazi thrived in this region for centuries before mysteriously vanishing without any apparent reason, leaving cooking fires burning, food in pots and personal effects in their stone dwellings. You can also see their ancient writing on stone walls!

Our open-air vehicles provide the perfect transportation through this incredible valley, offering you spectacular, unobstructed views, and plenty of chances to take photos. If you’re looking for an unforgettable cultural experience, this is it! Book a Mystery Valley Tour to discover the secrets the valley still holds today.